Miscellaneous Machines

4″ Bench ViceGood Condition$125.00
23.5 x 23.5 Adjustable Angle PlateGood Condition$1,250.00
20” x 28” Cleaning Tank with Pump Good Condition $175.00
1997 GMC Yukon W/PlowGood Condition$2,200.00
Conair SC-30 Carousel DryerSerial: 40854$300.00
Craftsman Jointer/PlanerModel 113.206932
SN: 5233 P0251
Moore Tool CabinetGood Condition$1,000.00
Hybco Tap SharpeningModel 1100, 1983
SN: 7411
K.O. Lee Slicer, Model: S3618HS-2S/N: 25184-VH, Good Condition$1,500.00
Kohler Power System, John deere engineModel: 40R0ZJA61
SN: P377205
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PAC Strapping PSM 1412-IC3A Semi-Automatic Plastic Strapping MachineModel TP-202, SN: 30159441, Date 2003, Good Condition$850.00
RIS Ingold AG, Type 68-1 Double Head Chamfering MachineSN: 69-28 74/Rev90, Good Condition$6,000.00
Simpson, Model: 83, Eyelet & Grommet Attaching MachineS/N: 1213, Good Condition$2,650.00
Split Shell BlenderGood Condition$1,850.00
UltrafilterS/N: 8346, Good Condition$250.00 
Vulcanaire Grinding Spindle with Air ControlsGood Condition$1, 000.00
Walker-Turner Router M: 6111S/N: 0000126, Good Condition$550.00
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