Miscellaneous Machines and Equipment

3 Gal Surge Tank, On Table with Casters

Good Condition

A-Frame 12.5′ I-Beam
3 Ton Chain Fall
Good Condition$2,650.00
Adjustable Angle Plate with T SlotsGood Condition$280.00
Almco Model OR 10 Vibratory Finishing Machine

SN: S06773$6,500.00
Astro BroachingSN: 30855-29
Good Condition
Barnes Paper Coolant Filter and Pump, Model MPE-10SN: TCSP-8218
Good Condition
Barrel Tumbler for Deburring Machine
Good Condition
4″ Bench ViseGood Condition$125.00
Bench Vise LargeGood Condition$450.00
Bernard ChillerGood Condition$325.00
Box TableGood Condition$950.00
Coil HoldersGood ConditionHeavy Duty: $225.00
Medium Duty: $180.00
19″ x 27″ Cleaning Tank with Pump, Parts WasherSN: 0826
Good Condition
20” x 28” Cleaning Tank with Pump Good Condition $175.00
21″ x 31″ Chicago Electric Parts Washer, 20 GallonSN: 004 P4 42
Good Condition
Conair SC-30 Carousel DryerSerial: 40854
Good Condition
Craftsman Jointer/PlanerModel 113.206932
SN: 5233 P0251
Enerpac, Model PER 1631 PumpSN: OM4188
Good Condition

Four (4) Mokon Chillers, Model H34109MT
Good Condition$200.00 each
Genie Personnel Lift, Model PLC-24SN: 14-89-18/014-B
Good Condition
Greenlee No. 7646 Knockout Punch DriverGood Condition$650.00
Grizzly 1 1/2 HP Shaper, Model G1035SN: 9115840
Good Condition
Hammond DusKolector
Model DX-4
SN: 12727
Good Condition
$960.00 each
Hyd. Lift Table (Long Jack)Good Condition$1,250.00
Industrial Air CleanersGood Condition$1,850.00 each
Ingersoll-Rand Assemble SolutionsGood Condition$ 250.00
Interchangeable Shoda G18 Live centersGood Condition$450.00
Kinney Vacuum PumpGood Condition$1,000.00
K.O. Lee Slicer, Model: S3618HS-2

S/N: 25184-VH, Good Condition$1,500.00
Liquid Storage BinGood Condition$340.00
Miller Syncrowave 250, Stock No. 903056SN: JK54578
Good Condition
Morse Barrel Handler, Model 405SN: 1119-001
Good Condition
Moore Tool CabinetGood Condition$1,000.00
PAC Strapping PSM 1412-IC3A Semi-Automatic Plastic Strapping MachineModel TP-202, SN: 30159441, Date 2003,
Good Condition
Mokon Chillers Four (4) Separate Chillers,
Model H34109MT
Good Condition$200.00 Each
NatcoGood Condition$3,500.00
PA Industries Servo FeederGood Condition$1,500.00
Pallet Racks-
Uprights, Shelves and Wire Grates
Good ConditionCheck Spec Sheet for Prices
Parts Straighter, 6” MaxGood Condition
Pittsburgh Portable Tire ChangerSN: 36973162
Good Condition
$ 40.00
Portable Beveler for Steel PlateGood Condition$ 1,450.00
Pulsar Zero Blast Cleaning

Good Condition

Quenching TanksGood Condition$350.00
Steel Table with 2 Moorfeed Vibratory Bowls, April 1981Good Condition$4,800.00
Mosler, Diebold, plus safe with Open on Two (2) Sides

Good ConditionContact Zedco Machinery for Price

Six (6) Crizaf Belt Conveyors, Model: LR-8 X20-4Good Condition
SN: CE-4532
SN: CE-7742
SN: CE-6744
SN: CE-6642
SN: CE-7743
SN: CE-4533

Split Shell Blender
Good Condition$1,850.00
Tenney RefrigerantSN: 8551.74J223
Good Condition
Timesaver 36” Width Model 137-1DMW, SN 19255YGood Condition$9,000.00
Timesaver 37″ Dual Head, Model 137-2 HDOMWSM: 24838
Good Conditional
Two Reed M-A22 Thread RollerSN: A22-672
SN: 112090
Good Condition
$5,500.00 each
Taumel Model BK-10-NM Orbital Spin RivetSN: KLM-76 3148$425.00undefined
Tool Presetter Model S-738SN: 870315
Good Condition
Tumber for Deburring MachinesGood Condition$250.00undefined
The Orthophonic Victrola, By Victor Talking Machine ColCREDENZA X10103
Excellent Condition
Trueton Water Chiller, Model 50ACSN: 4424
Good Condition
UltrafilterS/N: 8346, Good Condition$250.00 
Vulcanaire Grinding Spindle with Air ControlsGood Condition$1, 000.00
Walker-Turner Router M: 6111S/N: 0000126, Good Condition$550.00

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