Leo Glogowski (productionmetal@rochester.rr.com)

Zedco Machinery was started in 1970 as a machine tool rebuilder and special machine manufacturer.  We backed into the used machine sales business when customers would ask if we would take partial payment in their surplus machinery.  Trying to sell these surplus machines led to other customers asking if we bought used machines in general.  They would also ask if we had a particular machine they were looking for.  Thus, the used machinery business was born. 

Some customers would want only late model or new machines and would ask if we could supply them with those needs.  Thus the new machine sales division was created where we carry an almost full line of machine tools.

Today we have an 80,000 square foot facility and another 16,000 square foot facility used mostly for the storage of used machinery for sale.  We still rebuild machine tools, but specialize in the rebuilding of Blanchard Surface Grinders, which we have sent all over the world. 

Zedco Machinery Inc. One Curlew Street, P.O. Box 60828, Rochester, NY 14606


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