ModelDescriptionPrice Photo
American Hole Wizard Arm DrillGood Condition$4,200.00
Arboga Maskiner Drill Press, Type: GM 3508SN: 151850, Good Condition$1,850.00
Clausing Drill Press on 4 Spindle Table3 20″ Spindle$2,800.00
Delta 14” Pedestal DrillGood Condition$1,250.00
Delta 15” Drill Press, Model: 94K72508Bowling Ball Drill with Fixture, S/N: 18-249, Good Condition$850.00
Fosdick 24″ DrillS/N: 20899, Good Condition$2,250.00
Fosdick  5” X 13”  Radar Arm DrillGood Condition$3,850.00
Fosdick 26″ Pedistal DrillGood Condition$2,150.00
Hamilton Sensitive Tapping DrillGood Condition$225.00
HyPneuMat Automatic Drilling and Tapping Unit Model: M200EHBS/N: 25216, Good Condition$1,750.00
Johansson Radial DrillS/N 31089, Good condition$5,800.00
Leland Clifford  Drill Press, Model  1MLS/N: 53B1153, Good Condition$800.00
Monarch Edlund 4 Spindle Drill, 1970S/N: 70334, Good Condition$4,000.00
Orbit 16”, Model OR-1758F Industrial Drill PressS/N: 6765A, Good Condition$850.00
Orbit 5 Speed 14” Model OR-1412 Industrial Drill PressS/N: D2-700058, Good Condition$245.00
Powermatic 20″ Variable Speed Drill PressGood Condition$1,850.00
Powermatic Model  1150 Drill Press Floor Model,S/N: 67C0625, Good Condition$1,800.00
Rockwell/Delta Drill, Model: 15-655SN: 1654715, Good Condition$1,500.00
Sear’s Craftsman, 17″ Drill PressSpeed Range: 200-3630 RPM
Good Condition
Summit 4’ x 12” Radial DrillGood Condition$4,500.00
Walker-Turner Drill PressS/N: D11341, Good Condition$425.00
Willis Model 20VS, 20” Pedestal Drill Press, 2005S/N: TY00536, Good Condition$3,800.00
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