Air Compressors

Black Max Direct Drive Air Compressor25 HP
SN: BU1-045
Cat: Part 8 -194163-01
Champ Air Compressor, Model BGRA-15, with Wisconsin Motor, Portable S/N: R40A-3749
Good Condition
Ingersoll-Rand 7.5 HP  Horizontal Air CompressorGood Condition$2,250.00
Ingersoll-Rand 5 HP Air CompressorGood Condition$1,200.00
Ingersoll Air Compressor, Model U25U-SPSN: KC647U92F
Good Condition
Kellogg-American Screw Type Air Compressor and Pure-Aire Chiller15 HP
Good Condition
LeRoi 25 SST Screw Compressor25 HP
Good Condition
Palatek Air Compressor, Model 10BPD10 HP
SN: 9808191
Quincy 25, Model 9418125 HP Motor$1,200.00
Quincy Compressor, QSB-50, 200650 HP
S/N: UN06573,
Good Condition
Quincy Air Compressor 25 HP
Good Condition
Sear Craftsman Air Compressor Paint Sprayer3 HP
Model: 918.15688
SN: SUD0601
Sullair Model 16BS-75HY-ACAC100 HP
SN: 003-88282,
70,122 Hrs,
Good Condition
Joy Twistair Model TA-025TAN2C25 HP
S/N: 133712,
125 PSI
Good Condition
Joy Twistair Model TA-025TAN1CSN: 137490,
25 HP,
Good Condition
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