Inspection Items (CMM & Comparators)


Brown & Sharpe Micro Xcel 7.10.5, Model/Size: Reflex 7105SN:0397-3306
Good Condition


14″ Covel Optical Comparator, Model 14S/N: 14-1601,
Good Condition
$1,100.00 Need Picture
B & L Bench Optical ComparatorGood Condition$200.00
Covel Mtg. Co 14” Optical ComparatorS/N: 14-645,
Good Condition
Covel Mtg. Co 14” Optical ComparatorS/N: 14A-2252, Good Condition$1,200.00
Gage Master GMS 14″ Comparator, Model 28SN: 6514262-987
Good Condition
Gage Master Series Twenty, ModelSN:143482186, Good Condition$2,200.00
One Used J&L Model FC-14 Optical Comparator (new late 60’s)Table Micrometer Stop not complete
Vertical Illumination needs bulb
Jones and Lamson Topic 14 Optical Comparator and Measuring MachineS/N: E530044, Good Condition$2,500.00
Nikon Profile Projector, Model 6CSN:54941, Good Condition$1,200.00
Scherr Tumico Optical ComparatorGood Condition$750.00
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