23.5 x 23.5 Adjustable Angle PlateGood Condition$1,250.00
16 Gauge X 4’ Pexto 3418, 3-Roll Power Bending Roll Good Condition$5,200.00
8” x 15” DemagnetizerGood Condition$325.00
Demagnetizer Electrometric, Model: A1-4-1S/N: 7968212X, Good Condition$225.00
6” Baldor Grinder Buffer, Cat No. 612SN: W1183, Good Condition$225.00
Beach 44×80 Stroke SanderGood Condition$3,200.00
Blower Dust Collector, SECO- M-UFO-102BSN: 00181, Good Condition$1,200.00
20” x 28” Cleaning Tank with PumpGood Condition$175.00
Dee Blast Model 19 Abrasive Blast Cleaning and Finishing SystemS/N: 01319, Good Condition$500.00
Denray Downdraft TableGood Condition$1,950.00
Downdraft TableGood Condition$6,500.00
Flatback Lathe ChucksAll Good Condition$250.00 – $400.00
Hybco Tap Sharpening Machine, Model 1100, 1983S/N: 7411, Good Condition$1,850.00
Induction HeaterGood Condition$1,500.00
Kalamazoo DCV-1 Dust CollectorGood Condition$1,250.00
Magnetic ChucksGood ConditionCall for Price
Manual 2 ½ x 30” Bending roller HomemadeGood Condition$1,850.00
Moore Tool CabinetGood Condition$1,000.00
K.O. Lee Slicer, Model: S3618HS-2S/N: 25184-VH, Good Condition$3,500.00
PAC Strapping PSM 1412-IC3A Semi-Automatic Plastic Strapping MachineModel TP-202, SN: 30159441, Date 2003, Good Condition$850.00
RIS Ingold AG, Type 68-1 Double Head Chamfering MachineSN: 69-28 74/Rev90, Good Condition$8,500.00
Rotary TablesGood ConditionCall for Price
Pexto 36” x 22” Gage, Power Sheet Rolls, Model: 381SN: J1851, Good Condition$1,850.00
Pexto 3418, 3 Roll Power Bending RollGood Condition$5,200.00
Split Shell BlenderGood Condition$2,250.00
Toledo Counting ScaleGood Condition$1,000.00
UltrafilterS/N: 8346, Good Condition$250.00 
Walker-Turner Router M: 6111S/N: 0000126, Good Condition$550.00
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