Jet Model GH-1640ZX Lathe, SN: 05767

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Swing over Bed (in.)                                                                            16

Swing over Cross Slide (in.)                                                               10

Swing Through Gap (in.)                                                             25-7/8

Length of Gap (in.)                                                                     12-1/4

Distance between Centers (in.)                                                          40


Spindle Bore (in.)                                                                           3-1/8

Spindle Mount                                                                                D1-8

Spindle Taper with Sleeve                                                     MT-7(MT-5)

Number of Spindle Speeds                                                               12

Range of Spindle Speeds (RPM)                                             25 to 1800


Number of Longitudinal and Cross Feeds                                                        122

Range of Longitudinal Feeds (in./rev.)                             0.0015 to 0.0913

Range of Cross Feeds (in./rev.)                                      .0.0006 to 0.0365

Number of Inch Threads                                                                      61

Range of Inch Threads (in.)                                                     1-5/8 to 72

Number of Metric Threads                                                                   2

Range of Metric Threads (mm)                                                   0.05 to 2

Compound and Carriage:

Maximum Tool Size (in.)                                                                  1 x 1

Maximum Compound Slide Travel (in                                             5-1/8

Maximum Cross Slide Travel (in.)                                                         9

Carriage Travel (in.)                                                                            35


Tailstock Spindle Travel {in.).                                                              5

Tailstock Taper                                                                                                          MT-4

Steady Rest Capacity (in.)                                                                                                            1/2 to 3-1/2

Follow Rest Capacity (in.)                                                            3/8 to 7

Width of Bed (in.)                                                                        13-3/8

Overall Dimensions (in.)(LxWxH)                                      97-1/2 x 40 x 48

Motor                                                             7-1/2HP, 3Ph, 230/460V*

Approximate Net Weight (lbs.)                                                        5475

Equipped With:

Wired for 460 volts 3 phase

10” 3-jaw chuck with key

12” 4-jaw chuck with key

Aloris type tool post with 15 tool holders

Steady Rest

Live center

Chuck guard

Operator’s Manual

Newall 2-axis Digital Read-out to 0.0001” resolution

Unit can be demonstrated under power


F.O.B.Rochester  “as-inspected”



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